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Great work. Red guns, lol.

Miccool responds:

Inspired by you, haha

Fuck yeah.

You're doing it right.

Miccool responds:


Nice smooth animation but a fizzled concept.

Good art and animation as always but I think you ran out of ideas this time around. I love your previous works so I know you will redeem yourself eventually. Excellent voice work, as always.

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I love that you have ported these games to Flash. This and OutZone are a great combination of old shmups. Keep it up.


I'm a huge fan of the Raiden games. All of them. Without a doubt, this is the best Flash shmup I have ever played. That either means I haven't played a lot of internet shumps, or that you can make a damn good game out of a classic.

Minor issues. I beat the game without dying once, achieving a score of 4957450, which isn't that bad for a die-hard shmup fan as myself. So in my opinion, the game is fairly easy. That does not take away from the fun factor though. I loved every second of it. I felt like I was back in the arcades dumping quarters into the Raiden machines as they sucked away my life. Awesome effects and art as well as music; helped put that shmup nostalgia back into me.

Thank you so much for this Flash game, it is the best I have played in years.

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This is pretty nice. The build and release at 2:30 is definitely the highlight. I get some slight Vaughan Williams vibes from your strings starting at 1:37. I think you could have brought back the chimes at some point. Great work overall, I'll be following now.

Columbers responds:

Thanks for reviewing, glad you liked it! Sorry about the chimes, they weren't very important because they were mainly there to avoid getting bored; most people don't have the patience to listen to lots of long chords without any kind of melodic stuff going on.

What a rush. I think you really nailed that gradual build of tension here. That technique of dropping the bar before a louder entrance (dropping the bass) works really well for hybrid orchestral, especially with the aptly placed electronic samples you've mixed. Even your main motif and underlying harmony isn't kitschy to my ears, which is hard to avoid in this style. Around 2 minutes is definitely the highlight for me. In other words this is fucking good.

I guess it's my turn again.

EvilRaccoon responds:

Thanks DS! Yes! Yes it is!

This is dope. Crisp highs, deep lows, conservative but effective sampling. Keep it up man.

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Andrew, dude. Dude. Wow.

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